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Enjoy the moment
Yesterday is gone,
Never to be experienced again;
Tomorrow is uncertain,
A candle that burns unseen.
The present alone can be lived:
Do not seek to borrow from yesterday’s joy,
Nor entrust your happiness to tomorrow’s hands.


"Jadikanku Seindah Wanita Solehah"

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.. assalamualaikum ..
.. mode tgh melayan ini lagu daaa ..
. lyric yg sgt best ..
.. yg pebuh mksud tersirat ..

Life is full of lots of up and downs, 
And the distance feels further 
when you're headed for the 
And there is nothing more 
painful than to let you're 
feelings take 
you down, 
It's so hard to know the way you feel inside, 
When there's many thoughts and 
feelings that you hide, 
But you might feel better if 
you let me walk with you 
by your side, 
And when you need a shoulder to cry on, 
When you need a friend to rely on, 
When the whole world is gone, 
You won't be alone, cause I'll be there, 
I'll be your shoulder to cry on, 
I'll be there, 
I'll be a friend to rely on, 
When the whole world is gone, 
you won't be alone, cause I'll be there. 
All of the times when everything is wrong 
And you're feeling like 
There's no use going on 
You can't give it up 
I hope you work it out and carry on 
Side by side, 
With you till the end 
I'll alway be the one to firmly hold your hand 
no matter what is said or done 
our love will always continue on 
Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on 
everyone needs a friend to rely on 
When the whole world is gone 
you won't be alone cause I'll be there 
I'll be your shoulder to cry on 
I'll be there 
I'll be the one you rely on 
when the whole world's gone 
you won't be alone 
cause I'll be there! 
And when the whole world is gone 
You'll always have my shoulder to cry on....

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