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Enjoy the moment
Yesterday is gone,
Never to be experienced again;
Tomorrow is uncertain,
A candle that burns unseen.
The present alone can be lived:
Do not seek to borrow from yesterday’s joy,
Nor entrust your happiness to tomorrow’s hands.


"Jadikanku Seindah Wanita Solehah"

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.. assalamualaikum ..
.. igt tak baru2 nie akue ada ckp yg LIFE IS LIKE A MAZE? ..
.. tak sangka lak ada poem sal title nie ..
.. tapi poem nie in English lah ..
.. hasil karya Britty ..
.. macam nie bunyi dia ..

Life is like a maze 
In the beginning
There's more than one path to take
A wrong choice
Can lead you to a dead end
At times
It seems pretty easy
That is, until you come to a stop
A choice must be made
Temptation calls from every direction
One way will lead you to the finish
The other will only take you back to where you started
Sometimes it takes the wrong way
To lead you to the right way

Now you've found the right way
Everything seems so easy
You're moving fast
Every turn you make is right
And all the pressure on your decisions are over
You feel relieved and confident in all you do
You've finally found the key to life
But then you realize
You've finished
And life is over.

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Daisypath Friendship tickers
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