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Enjoy the moment
Yesterday is gone,
Never to be experienced again;
Tomorrow is uncertain,
A candle that burns unseen.
The present alone can be lived:
Do not seek to borrow from yesterday’s joy,
Nor entrust your happiness to tomorrow’s hands.


"Jadikanku Seindah Wanita Solehah"

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 .. assalamualaikum ..
.. uchuk, dah brapa hari jgk la x update uchuk kan ..
.. sorry la uchuk ..
.. xda point nak menaipnya ..
.. uchuk, hari nie kan hari bapa ..
.. wish kat abah t'syg ..
.. u're d best abah in the world lah EN ISMAIL GHANI ..
.. thanks being my superb, luvly abah ..
.. pengorbananmu tak ternilai utk anak daramu sorg ini ..
.. da la banyak kerenah ..
.. happy always yar anah kue t'chenta ..
.. sayang abah ..
.. muahhh ..

.. Making a wish for you ..
.. Wishing you wellness, goodness and kindness ..
.. And the very best in life, ..
.. For now and forever ..

.. There was a time I follow your every step ..
Then I turn into the rebel without a cause ..
.. But at the while, ..
.. I was watching you and learning ..
.. You know, ..
.. I never thought i'd said that ..
.. but today i;m really proud when ..
.. is someone point at us and said ..

.. to a Man with few words but a great of wisdom
Your action have always 
spoken louder
than words
and always been an inspiration of me !!..

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Daisypath Friendship tickers
We met it was Luck! We talked it was CHANCE! We became friends it was DESTINY! We are still friends it is FAITH! We will always be friends its a PROMISE!


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