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Enjoy the moment
Yesterday is gone,
Never to be experienced again;
Tomorrow is uncertain,
A candle that burns unseen.
The present alone can be lived:
Do not seek to borrow from yesterday’s joy,
Nor entrust your happiness to tomorrow’s hands.


"Jadikanku Seindah Wanita Solehah"

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..Demam Boys Over Flowers..

budak-budak nie sume da layan crita nih
akue yg awalnya x tgk movie nie, da lekat depan laptop
bez kot 
Goo Jun Pyo yg sengal tp encem
Ji Hoo yg cool (cam xda prasaan ja akue tgk)
Jan Di yg power tahap dewa
xtau bla nk abeh tgk crita nih
mana taknya, asal tgk 1 episode ja akue n my rumate t'tdo
smpai ke sudah x abeh2 lg (byk lak tue episode dia)

Nie synopsis BOYS OVER FLOWER yg akue cilok (hahhahahaha...skali skala)

This is a story of an average girl Jan Di who met the four richest
and most spoiled and powerful boys known as the F4. (Flower 4?!)
Jan Di who stands by her decision to fight the F4 due their bullying acts
became the only one who stood up to F4
specially with their leader Jun Pyo. (encem giler mamat nih)
Eventually, as Jan Di spends more time with F4
Jun Pyo develops feelings towards her
(macam2 cara dia wat nk pikat si Jan Di tue...
yg touchy sgt bla dia tunjuk HEART masa naik heli tue...cuwett sgt)
but Jan Di's eyes is into someone else.
But as Jan Di teaches Jun Pyo a lot of things
Jun Pyo also teaches Jan Di to learn to open herself to his love as well.
There are a lot of reasons to watch Boys over Flowers,
first the love story of Jan Di and Jun Pyo; its progress and the problems that they will encounter.
Plus the love story of Jan Di's best friend Ga Eul and one of the members of F4 Yi Jung.

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Daisypath Friendship tickers
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